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1726 Spalted Tamarind Walnut Hollow Form

#1726 Spalted Tamarind and Walnut hollow form.

5-3/4" tall X 5-3/4" diameter



#1704 Buckeye Burl Hollow Form

5-3/4" diameter X 4-1/2" tall made with Buckeye Burl, Ebony and white veneer.

Price: $250

1715 Dyed Curly Maple Form.jpg


#1715 Dyed Maple Hollow Form

8-1/4" X 3" tall Made with Curly Maple dyed red and African Blackwood.

Price: $300


#1804 Catalpa Vase

4-3/4" diameter X 9-3.4" tall made from Catalpa wood.

Price: $225

20180408_210005_001 -Resized.jpg

#1808 Big Leaf Maple Burl Hollow Form

7" diameter X 2-1/2" tall made with bigleaf maple Burl with Ebony accents.

Price: $295

1706 Half and Half.jpg

#1706 Half and Half

4" diameter X 9" tall made from partially spalted sycamore with black palm lid and ebony finial.

Price $295



#1811 Collaboration

11-3/4" diameter X 6" tall made from Spalted Sycamore, Bubinga, Maple and Wenge. The lid is topped with a hand sculpted pair of glass dolphins.

Price: $500

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